Introducing Cucina Moderna

Italian boldly reimagined with a vibrant collection of chef-crafted sauces designed to break the mold of monotony with premium ingredients and layers of flavor.

Our Sauces

Robust Marinara

Creamy Alfredo

Fire Roasted Vodka

Peppercorn Cream


No Added Sugar


a twist on traditional italian recipes

Create new culinary experiences. Experiment with flavor. Turn your kitchen into a modern Italian style restaurant with chef-crafted sauces fashioned from high quality ingredients.



Can see chunks of tomatoes and the basil pieces

Creamy Alfredo

The flavor of this sauce is absolutely delicious! It is very thick and creamy. Such a good combination of flavors!

Fire Roasted Vodka

Very flavorful, can see and taste all the herbs and seasoning; overall very well done.

Where to Buy Cucina Moderna

Keep an eye out for more sauces and recipe inspiration, coming soon.

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